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From Anger to Love

We all have a deep need for love and when the special people in our lives aren't able or willing to give us love we often experience feelings of emptiness, disconnection, anger and a sense of powerlessness.

External power is the power we use to manipulate other people into giving us what we need, such as love and feelings of worth.

Actually this kind of power is bound to end up causing feelings of separation and grief in our relationships, because if the other person complies they will feel resentful, or if they do not cooperate we are left feeling powerless and possibly angry.

In either case there is no room for love because these emotions obscure the love. Even when we try to 'be loving' it doesn't work.

When we are willing to feel the utter powerlessness of trying to get another person to fill the perceived void within ourselves, we may then be ready to choose to open to the possibility of Total Self Responsibility for everything we need and for the emotions we feel. What other option do we have?

In doing so we step from External Power into Authentic Power. Authentic power is an inside job. It has nothing to do with another person.

Also when we choose Self Responsibility we create the space for love to surface from deep within.

It is our 'intentions' that create our outcomes, our experiences. If we want to get love or affirmation of our worth from another person, our Law of Attraction will make sure it doesn't happen because we are not living in truth. The truth is we already have love and worth. They are innate aspects of our Soul, already inbuilt so to speak.

As a baby we needed to receive love from our mother at the beginning of our journey into consciousness. What didn't happen for most of us as we grew up is that our parents and teachers didn't encourage us to discover these feelings of worth and love from within ourselves. They led us to believe that they determined if we were worthwhile and loveable by their criticism and praise. How could they do anything different? They too had missed this incredibly important Life Lesson.

So, if we create the intention to live from the love within ourselves, knowing that we are innately worthwhile, our Law of Attraction will lead us to the next step.

We will be challenged in every interaction with another person to notice what motivates us, what moves us to speak and act. What is our intention? If we discover that it is an attempt to get, based on a feeling of lack, we will have the opportunity be honest with ourselves and the other person.

If there are emotions of frustration and anger present it is important to fully open to feeling the powerlessness. When it becomes evident there is no other effective option available we will receive the invitation to Total Self Responsibility.

My experience, when I accept the invitation to Self Responsibility, is that something magical happens. The dark gloomy feelings of sadness and separation dissolve and the Light of Love fills the space.

When you think about it this makes sense. When self responsibility is running the show there's no one to manipulate, so anger and frustration disappear. It was these emotions that placed a shroud over love.

Total Self Responsibility reveals and reinstates Love on the throne of our Being.