News 2 ­ The Male Initiative


February News

It's time to let you know that the next Making Love Retreat is to be held at Tree Houses of Montville on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland starting Sunday 15th March and finishing Saturday 21st March.

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August News

For many of us it has been a pretty challenging year so far, and I do want take some time now to tell you a little about what has been happening recently and what is coming up.

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January News

For a few weeks now I have had very positive feelings about 2014. I just noticed that when you add together the numbers of 2014 you end up with 7. Seven is my favorite number.

I’d like to share my vision for this year, and for humanity for the future.

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July News

Our Making Love Retreat in Montville during May was a truly beautiful experience for us and for the seven couples who attended. With the sudden cold snap the couples made good use of the fireplaces and spa baths in their cottages, and once again our chefs Georgina and Sharmalee satisfied everybody's taste buds with their delicious food.

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New insights all round

A few weeks ago, we held our Being Love Retreat with 4 couples. What was really interesting was not only the personal insights from the couples attending, but also we shared valuable information from some research we have been doing recently of our own, research that supports the approach that we advocate in lovemaking. In the next newsletter I will be sharing some of our findings.

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April News

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible number of people who have accessed my new book Six Initiatives for Men since it was posted on the Male Initiative website in mid December. So thank you very much for your interest and for passing the link on to your friends.

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