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April News

Gene Thompson

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible number of people who have accessed my new book Six Initiatives for Men since it was posted on the Male Initiative website in mid December. So thank you very much for your interest and for passing the link on to your friends.

Also I wish to express my gratitude to the people who put the effort in to providing such encouraging feedback. I have attached some samples of feedback at the end of this newsletter.

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet I extend an invitation for you to do so.

Janet and I are getting prepared for our next six day Making Love Retreat starting Sunday 19th May 2013. Once again it will be held at Tree Houses in the beautiful rainforest in Montville, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. We have space for another two couples, so if you are interested, here is the link to the Making Love Retreat website: http://makingloveretreat.com.au

The other exciting news is that Janet will be presenting at TEDx Noosa on Friday 12th April. Her talk is called "Bringing Love and Sex Together". You will be able to see it sometime soon. I'll keep you posted.

Gene Thompson

Six Initiatives for Men

Six Initiatives for Men View it here »

Samples of feedback

This is a truly beautiful book Gene………… Your writing is so clear and full of heart. Thank you so much. I am going to recommend this book where ever I can! Firstly, and most importantly, to my partner. With love and gratitude.

Thank you for sending this to me. It is excellent, simple, uncluttered and easy to absorb. The length is perfect. My wife and I read it through together out loud taking time to stop and discuss the various aspects relative to ourselves and our own experience, behavior, emotions, feelings and fears that have and still do hamper our love making. It encouraged us to do that…......... One really significant aspect of the book I found was that it gave me permission to open myself to explaining to her what does go on for me, without shame or guilt, and that reopened communication between us. Her greater understanding now of what goes on for me resulting from us discussing the concepts is helping us tremendously.

Hi Gene This is a very well written and informative book containing important information about relationships. I think what you have produced is invaluable and life changing and as a woman reading this, it is comforting and inspiring. I believe this information is much needed in the world today. It gives me a better understanding of relationships and I hope I can use this newfound knowledge in my own life. Thanks for producing this work and I hope many men and women read this and get benefit from it like I have. Warm regards and blessings Karen. (Karen Downey, Editor Violet Vibes Magazine)

I have just read the book and found it to be nurturing and supportive. It answered some questions I didn't even know I had asked and brought up a lot of sadness and regret. I could really see how my previous marriage crumbled away. And how surprised was I to realize that I am only responsible for satisfying my own body's desires. What an insidious belief I had lived with all my life, and generations of women before me - that we were responsible for satisfying our men, like it or not.

It's amazing! What a beautiful read, so insightful and life changing. Wish I knew all this years ago... wow!!!