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August News

Gene Thompson

I recently presented a two hour talk called The Way Home to two groups of men on the Sunshine Coast. It was well received. I will offer it at Treehouses soon and let you know when it is coming up. If you are interested in getting a group of men together I would be happy to present it in your area.  Below is a brief excerpt of the flyer used by the Maleny Men’s Forum where it was run last Friday.

The Making Love Retreat

No matter how devoted you are to each other, if you’re not really connecting when it comes to making love, that lack of connection may affect so many other parts of your relationship. You can connect with each other and transform the sexual experience into love.

It’s time again to let you know that Janet and I are preparing for our next Making Love Retreat  starting 20th to 26th September 2015 Once again it will be run at Treehouses of Montville in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Treehouses as an Event Venue

As the owner of Treehouses, from day one, I have had the intention to build the reputation of our resort as a prime location in which to run Conferences, Retreats, Weddings and Concerts, providing an ideal event venue in our beautifully renovated building called Picnic Creek, which overlooks a large pond in Picnic Creek, along with the rainforest. Our guests can have accommodation and dining facilities for up to fifty people. Because Janet and I have run our retreats in Treehouses since 2012, I can personally recommend this facility for these kinds of events.

Kondalilla Eco Resort

That brings me to some other interesting news. In October this year we plan to change the name from Treehouses of Montville to Kondalilla Eco Resort. This will save many of our guests the confusion that often arises with other similar names in the area. Also this associates our beautiful property with the amazing tourist attraction Kondalilla Falls adjoining our property.

Make time for love.


The Way Home

presented by Gene Thompson

As Men we long to come home to a loving relationship with our woman.

What may get in the way of having a fulfilling intimate romantic relationship?

We have all may have been affected one way or another by many generations of conditioning where sexual abuse toward women in relationship was acceptable. Fortunately in recent times many men are questioning their conscious and unconscious expectations of women in the bedroom, wishing to support partners who have experienced abuse. As men seek to experience love during sex healing will happen naturally.

Most of us have memories of traumatic experiences in our lives that keep coming to the surface in our relationship seeking resolution and healing. These emotions along with the judgments and frustrations of daily life limit our ability to live in peace, joy and love. During the presentation a simple yet profound approach will be suggested, that can dissolve even the most resistant emotions, revealing the peace and love that is innate in all of us.

The way home to a loving relationship
starts by coming home to ourself.