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February News

Gene Thompson

It's time to let you know that the next Making Love Retreat is to be held at Tree Houses of Montville on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland starting Sunday 15th March and finishing Saturday 21st March.

You may ask, “What’s a retreat like that going to do for us? We get along pretty well and our sexual relationship is okay.”

We see lots of couples who have thought this way. What they discover as they progress through the six days is that they are able to take their whole relationship to another level as they increase the level of awareness during their lovemaking.

There are others who say, “There is no point going, our relationship is just about finished.” It is amazing as we get close to the end of a retreat to hear the man or the woman say, “If this didn’t work I was ready to leave the relationship. Now I feel like there is hope” or “We have been able to rediscover the love”

The Making Love Retreat is not a magic pill, but it can weave its magic if you allow it to do so. http://makingloveretreat.com.au/

Our Good News: Half way through our October 2014 Making Love Retreat which was also held in Tree Houses, as it has been for three years, I realized I had truly come to love this Rainforest Retreat centre situated right beside the very popular Kondalilla Falls. I knew it had been on the market for over a year and I decided that I would buy it. I waited for a week before I told me beautiful partner Janet. She then informed me that at the same time she was thinking, “It’s so beautiful here. I can imagine Gene buying Tree Houses.” So on the 9th January 2015 we settled and started the process of making our mark on this beautiful natural rainforest property.

There are twenty four accommodation units, the largest called Picnic Creek, which we are converting into a Conference Centre / Retreat Centre / Wedding Venue / Concert Venue. This will be completed for our next retreat in March.

You are welcome to visit: Tree Houses of Montville - www.treehouses.com.au

All the best for 2015