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January 2017 News

Gene ThompsonTo our dear friends,

Wow, 2016 was quite a year. For me it was a year of sadness, grief, growth, and celebration.

You may have heard from Janet’s emails, (if you are on her mailing list), of the changes in our relationship and I just wanted to personally touch base as well. We both mutually decided to go our separate ways throughout the course of the year, which finally concluded in November. Along the way we went back and forth a few times. And finally we both came to the conclusion that we needed to finalise the separation.

We both came to our relationship needing a lot of healing in relation to our past and we feel that our journey on this level has been fulfilled. Of course there is always more, but for us, we feel it is time. Over our eight years together we each have held the other in our heart to provide support in that healing process. What is beautiful to know, understand and trust is that we feel that that mutual support will continue for the rest of our lives.

It was The Making Love Retreat and all the components within its teaching that held us in good stead on this healing journey. My fear and potential grief along the way was, if we separated we may not be able to continue to teach The Making Love Retreat, and if we did continue, would people think that we should be in an intimate relationship to teach? I came to the conclusion that what we’ve learned is priceless regardless of our own relationship situation. And because it helped us so much, I wanted to continue to share it here in Australia.

Is there still sadness and grief? Yes, almost every day. Is there celebration for the love between us? Yes, almost every day.

So we will be teaching The Making Love Retreat together in March, and if you are thinking about coming along, we ask that you trust us to hold you in our hearts and support you as you explore the depth of love that you can experience while making love in awareness.

Lots of love