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Male Initiative News - July 2018

Gene ThompsonGreetings! lt's been a while, and I have some great news I'd iike to share with you.

You may recall from a previous newsletter that I purchased Kondalilla Eco Resort in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast three years ago with a commitment to bring the property to a high standard. We have had tradesmen on site for 15 months renovating 20 of the 24 accommodation buildings, and we plan to start work on the restaurant at the end of October, after Janet and I have presented the Making Love of Retreat ( We continue to be deeply committed to supporting men and women who wish to enrich their intimate relationships.

In mid June our new website, The Heart at Kondalilla ( went iive, promoting workshops and retreats to be presented in our beautiful event centre, Picnic Creek.

Picnic Creek

One piece of news I'm very excited to share is that last December I went to the United States to the Institute of HeartMath and completed my training as a HeartMath Certified Trainer. ln 2003 I first started using HeartMath processes to transform my emotional issues as they arose, and to access the wisdom of the heart for guidance in daily life, relationships and business. In my opinion HeartMath is a valuable contributor to the next step in human evolution. This is where science and spirituality together show the way.

HeartMath is being used extensively to train first responders to crisis situations, to bring their autonomic nervous system back into balance, potentially within half an hour, instead of a day or more after experiencing extremely stressful situations that seriously compromise their health. Corporate Executives, and the everyday person, can quickly and easily learn how to transform their stressful emotionai responses to life into relaxed personal empowerwent.

On 21st July l will introduce the core principles of HeartMath as part of my one-day Life Transformation Workshop, and show how they fluidly integrate with meditation and aspects of an intimate relationship.

Then in August in the Resilience Advantage Workshop I will present the features, application and benefits and of the HeartMath system. Also l'll demonstrate the emWave Pro Biofeedback computer program as a health indicator, and show how it can be used to help bring the autonomic nervous system into balance.

The second half of the day will be spent practising applying HeartMath techniques to negative emotions, and to responses to stressful situations that you may wish to change. Finally you will experience accessing the wisdom of the heart to increase intuition and creativity, providing guidance to create a heart centred life and relationships.