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MI News December 2012

At the end of August Janet and I went to Switzerland to attend the Making Love Retreat with Diana and Michael Richardson for the third time. That was a beautiful seven days for us and our relationship. During that week I felt inspired to do more to get the message out to men.

Since our return we ran our second Making Love Retreat with six couples in Montville on the Sunshine Coast. We were privileged to spend time with such amazing couples committed to deepening the love in their relationships.

A participant's feedback: "It's been a delightful and profoundly moving experience. The life changer I/we have been looking for. A Jewel. Thanks for it all.”

In spite of four or five busy months my passion for the Male Initiative hasn't waned. I realized that if I ran four workshops a year I might get the message out to a hundred men. I felt the Male Initiative message is so valuable it is important to get it out to thousands of men.

After our time in Switzerland I spent a few weeks by myself, went to Istanbul for three days, on to Athens, hopped onto a ship and ended up in Venice. While I was on the ship, I began writing a book called Six Initiatives for Men. It's not a big book, about 11,000 words, so you can read it in about forty-five minutes.

Six Initiatives for Men

It contains a snapshot of the key teachings advocated in the Male Initiative regarding relationships, emotions, male/female sexuality, providing information to help couples deepen the level of intimacy in their relationship.

When you have read it I would appreciate feedback so I can post it on Facebook and on the website. 

After reading if you feel as passionate as I did while writing, then it would be great to encourage the men and women in your circle to read it, and discover that there is a way to deal effectively with our difficult emotions so they don't obscure the love, and it is possible for men and women to make love in a way that is deeply fulfilling for both.

So please encourage your friends to log on and read Six Initiatives for Men.

Gene Thompson