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MI News May 2012

I know. It's about time I got my act together and let you know what's happening.

First thing I'd like to do is welcome the new subscribers to our newsletter. As well as keeping you informed of upcoming events I will share educational information on relationships and sexuality.

Our second Male Initiative Workshop was held on the 18th February at the home of Marc Chadwick in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks Marc. We had nine men attend and everyone seemed to benefit from the day. Here is some of the feedback.

"Going home with a sense that I can achieve a more loving connection with a woman."

"Not feeling so guilty about some of the aspects of male sexuality."

"Helpful in opening to male/female dynamics."

"I now know love is not performance based."

"Would recommend the workshop to other men. A way to Enhance Ones Life, Spiritually and then Physically."

The original web address was www.maleinitiative.co. Marc discovered that www.maleinitiative.com had become available so I quickly purchased it. Obviously it will help avoid confusion for newcomers in the future. Both the old and the new addresses will open the Male Initiative.

We have just launched a Facebook page for the Male Initiative. This will create increased awareness of the Male Initiative.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook.

The next Male Initiative workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd June (changed from 9th of June) in Maleny.

Janet and I feel incredible gratitude to the seven couples who attended our first six day Making Love Retreat in March in Byron Bay. Their willingness to open to such powerful transformation in themselves and their relationships was truly amazing. We also appreciate their encouragement and support for the work we are bringing to Australia. They now have a personal experience of the practical, inspirational and profound teachings of Diana Richardson, world renowned author and teacher on love and sexuality.

The next Making Love Retreat will be held 7th to 13th July in Byron Bay.      

More Details: www.makingloveretreat.com.au

We have two couples booked for our Being Love Retreat to be held 18th to 21st May in Maleny. So there is space for one more couple. This is a beautiful retreat for a couple who choose to set aside three days to deepen the love in their relationship.

More details: http://janetmcgeever.com/workshops-events/events-for-couples

Recently I read a book Spiritual Partnerships by Gary Zukaz. I was so impressed I decided to integrate some of his insights into my own work. I recommend reading this, his latest book.

My first blog is available on the website. Also it will be able to be accessed through Facebook.

I would appreciate getting feedback from you either by email or via Facebook. My aim is to develop a forum whereby we can share information and experiences that help us to become conscious of and heal whatever limits our innate capacity to live in love. To get the ball rolling I am writing three blogs, "From Anger to Love", "From Fear to Love", and "From Grief to Love". All three will be posted over the next few weeks. Here is Number One.