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Male Initiative Workshop 23rd June

Often times there is a disconnect between men and women in relationship when it comes to sex. Men may feel they are not getting enough. Women may feel put upon. Relationships often break down on the basis of little or no sexual connection between partners.

In the Male Initiative Workshop you will get to see that there are a number of reasons why this can happen. Some of the reasons are not so obvious to either men or women.

Besides raising your awareness as to the "whys" you will learn what steps you can take as a man to change this situation to one that is positive for both a man and a woman, and you will be introduced to a way of making love that you are unlikely to have experienced before.

With this approach you will never have to consider Viagra or any other Magic Potion, even in your sixties and seventies. Also this approach places you in control of your orgasm without having to learn or practice any technique, meaning that you make love for as long as you and your partner choose.

The overall intention for the day is to develop a stronger sense of true empowerment as a man, particularly around sexuality, and discover how you can contribute to a deeper more loving connection with your woman or, if you are single, with a partner in the future.

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Gene Thompson