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New insights all round

Gene Thompson

A few weeks ago, we held our Being Love Retreat with 4 couples. What was really interesting was not only the personal insights from the couples attending, but also we shared valuable information from some research we have been doing recently of our own, research that supports the approach that we advocate in lovemaking. In the next newsletter I will be sharing some of our findings.

And then what an incredible day we had at Tedx Noosa! I was so proud of the way Janet delivered such a challenging topic to an audience of 300 or more, and she took the opportunity to share some of our research findings there as well. The response she received afterwards was very positive and encouraging, and everyone is asking when they can see it online. We can't answer that question at the moment but we will keep you posted.

I have just revamped The Male Initiative site a bit and would love your feedback. Click here to visit now.

The focus of our attention now is preparing for our favourite, The Making Love Retreat for couples on 19th - 25th May.

If you would like to enrich your relationship, we'd love to have you spend six beautiful days with us immersed in the amazing and timeless teachings of Diana Richardson.

Slow Sex DVD

Slow Sex DVD

If you haven't got your copy of Diana Richardon's popular Slow Sex DVD, they are available now at our websites Book and DVD page - click here.

And here is some of the feedback from the November 2012 retreat:

"This work is revolutionary. There has been an enormous sense of relief around sex, removing expectations, discovering a different way of being. Realising that I had been playing a path of goal driven sex and sexuality, contrary to my true nature - which was never going to bring me the peace and love I so craved. Now ... no craving, no manipulation, no agenda. (and no heating up!)" - female, Corporate Manager

"I now have a sense of optimism in myself,my wife and our relationship. (something in short supply in recent times) and I am now relating rather than preparing to defend. It has been a delightful and profoundly moving experience. The life changer I/we have been looking for. A jewel. Thanks for it all" - Cliff

"Spending more time in my body has opened my heart further and I am able to feel and give more love to my partner. This makes me feel better about myself." - Rob

"Every day was filled with enjoyable moments and hours but being with my partner as he experienced his heart opening while we were making love was certainly beautiful and memorable." - Phyl

"It intensified and renewed my commitment to being grounded in myself first and then giving to the relationship from that space. I now have a deeper connection with myself, a deeper connection in relationship and more in alignment with my inner sexual knowing." - female, Engineer

"Our relating is deeper, softer, slower, with a greater sense of self. I loved the ritual of meeting my partner with soft gentle eyes - it felt very nurturing." - Bo

"My body is softer, more peaceful, more open and receptive. I deeply appreciated every moment of the retreat. It has been absolutely exquisite, so sensitively put together, as well as delivered.You are both beautiful loving and gentle souls. Thank you." - Diana

"I have a new awareness both of where is home in my body and when I am and when I am not present. I also have a new awareness of where to come from in lovemaking... The retreat has been beautifully and sensitively presented, with great faithfulness to its origins and with great personal experiences related in openness and has been one of the significant milestones in our 23 year marriage." - Geoffrey

"My heartfelt thanks for showing me the path back home! And for giving me permission to be loved and loving. At first I thought the afternoons would be daunting but very much looked forward to them after the first time!" - Jane

"I now feel a release and freedom to talk about sex. An honouring of ourselves and each other's beauty. You created a great space, great accommodation, elegant process, great music, great food" - James

"One of the most enjoyable moments was connecting and lovemaking - experiencing ecstatic bliss. The gentle, caring, nurturing facilitation created and supported a space for me to experience my journey. No expectations, no judgement, no dynamic energy, only stillness and respect. Thank you." - female, Business Manager

"One of the most enjoyable moments for me was feeling my husband's touch on my arms the first time we did the connecting exercise - being touched with love and tenderness" - female, Corporate Manager

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