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The Resilience Advantage Workshop - The Heart at Kondalilla

Gene ThompsonStress, we've all dealt with it at some point, you're possibly dealing with it now. Consider learning everyday tools to deal with stress through resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

Notice the lack of ease, tension, anxiety, sadness, pressure to perform, lack of understanding, in the lives of most people and maybe ourselves.

The HeartMath method for Transforming Stress isn't just another stress management or coping system. It is a breakthrough solution that shows you how to transform emotional and mental energy into new, satisfying feelings and intelligent perceptions that ease the stress. It goes to the heart of the matter to give you power over the automatic stress responses that have become etched in our neural circuitry. By developing the ability to use your heart rhythms to counteract stressful feelings, you can transform the physiology of stress into the physiology of quick recovery, increased energy, and new insight. This method will slow the effects of ageing by bringing you closer to emotional flexibility, the perfect antidote for our fast paced and chaotic lives.

We belong to a generation that can show the way to a new humanity, and we have everything we need to do so. Living from the heart is a relatively new way of life, naturally and automatically transforming stress and mastering negative emotions that deplete us of our vital energy. Living from the heart we access intuition simply and easily, increasing creativity and clear direction. Heart states of love, compassion, appreciation, gratitude and caring become natural and automatic.

From this place we show the way to heal our family issues, create a caring and creative work environment, and together create a loving compassionate humanity.

Join me at 'The Resilience Advantage Workshop'. Click here for more information and to register. I hope to see you there.