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The Male Initiative Workshop

In my personal life and counselling practice I have become very aware of the interrelationship between emotional competence and sexuality in relationship.Emotions, particularly anger and fear, obscure the love that is innate in every one of us. When emotions are present in a relationship it's very difficult to feel love, and so couples are much less likely to make love. As a result the distance between them gets even greater.

From the teachings of Diana Richardson we learned that conventional sex, that is sex as practised by most of humanity, by its very nature can produce negative consequences in relationships.

For men, conventional sex contributes to premature ejaculation and at times addiction to sex. Also it may cause emotional shut down because of performance pressure and, by mid life, erection difficulties for a large percentage of men.

For women,conventional sex can contribute to difficulty achieving orgasm and in many cases loss of interest in sex after several years of being in relationship.

In The Male Initiative Workshop:

  • We take a look at unhealthy beliefs we may hold that can cause alienation between men and women.
  • We get to see how such beliefs and the emotions that arise can cause sexual shut down.
  • We discuss male sexual energy and how it can enrich the life of a man.
  • It will be shown that there is an alternative to conventional sex that bypasses all the typical sexual difficulties for men and supports the growth of sexual intimacy and love for both men and women in relationship.

Feedback from past workshops:

"Going home with a sense that I can achieve a more loving connection with a woman."

"This information provides an opportunity to expand our love towards each other. Healing can also take place in a safe, loving, caring environment."

"A revelation. Opened my understanding on the cause of my failure in my relationships with women"

"What seems basic is not obvious. Simply (and truly) being present."

"Helpful in opening to male/female dynamics."

"Not feeling so guilty about some of the aspects of male sexuality."

"I now know that love is not performance based."

"Would recommend the workshop to other men. A way to enhance one's life, spiritually and then physically."

Through the Male Initiative Workshops the aim is to create local groups of men who support one another to keep learning about and developing emotional awareness, and who want to learn more about conscious lovemaking so they can develop a deeper connection with the women in their lives.

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